New gini WhatsApp notifications—for hidden bank charges and credit card tracking 

By team gini on October 25, 2019

For the many transactions and credit card bills you can hardly keep track of – and the hidden bank fees you can hardly make sense of, the brand new WhatsApp Power-up is here. Keep track of your money with Smart Notifications through your favorite social network – WhatsApp! 

The bank and credit card tracking you need

New transactions

Stay on top of what you spend with automated tracking across all your accounts, globally: You’ll never wonder where your hard earned money was spent again – with daily transaction notifications directly on WhatsApp, keep track of your spending.

Credit card payment reminders

In a world of credit cards with different due dates – we know it’s hard to keep tabs. Get notified via WhatsApp 3 days before your credit card payment due date to avoid late fees. With our powerful reminder function, you’ll never miss a bill again. (If for any reasons you have, check out our article on How to get rid of late fees)

Bank fee detection

Ever scrolled through your bank statements only to find hidden bank fees you can hardly make sense of? Now you can eliminate that scrolling. Our bank fee detection notifies you immediately as they happen. So you can stop losing money to fees – and keep your bank in check! 

A record of your banking notifications – finally!

Push notifications have a short lifespan as they pop up and then disappear. On WhatsApp, you can always go back and check them all out. 


We’ve made sure that you can receive your important financial alerts via your channel of choice, by switching on the WhatsApp Power-up. The Power-up lets you receive your notifications via WhatsApp and keep a record of your notifications, by simply scrolling through your message History! 

Easy to set up

As quick and easy as 2 taps on your screen: your smart notifications are set up as “push” by default on your registered your gini account – but for WhatsApp, here’s your shortcut.

Simply go to Settings -> Power-ups -> WhatsApp, follow the steps, and you will have it all set up. 

Set & forget

Once your Power-up is setup: Sit back, relax, and let gini do the legwork for you.


Below we’ve put together some tips to help you get started today!

1. What are Power-ups?
Power-ups allow you to bring additional features to your gini account. You can mix and match them to fit your needs! To see the available Power-ups, tap Settings -> Power ups. (We are already hard at work building our next Power-up. Follow us on Facebook gini – Hong Kong to be notified first of new feature launches.)

2. Where can I set up my WhatsApp Power-up?
All Power-ups can be activated by accessing your settings. For WhatsApp, here’s your shortcut: Settings -> Power-ups ->WhatsApp

3. How will you protect my WhatsApp number?
Our users’ personal information is safeguarded. For more details, have a look at gini’s privacy statement. Your information is safe with us!

4. Can I deactivate the WhatsApp Power-up?
Yes. You can remove the Power-up anytime by tapping Settings → Power-ups → Delete Power-up

5. If I change my WhatsApp number, can I still use this Power-up?
Absolutely. You can change your WhatsApp number anytime by tapping the edit button in Settings → Power-ups

6. How can I choose where to receive notifications?
Notifications are available as Push notifications or WhatsApp notifications. You can configure it anytime in Settings → General. 

7. Can I contact customer support through WhatsApp?
Not yet – but we’re working on it! In the meantime, you can reach us on

More exciting updates are coming!

Stay tuned!

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